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Soft impressionist bridal artwork is my passion.  My goal with each commission is to create timeless heirloom quality original artwork with a fresh, loose and romantic style.  I strive to capture that special glance; that contemplative moment, and the romance of the occasion. Usually this is a portrait of the bride, but it could be a wedding scene, a still life of the bouquet, or perhaps a painting of the church; anything that commemorates the occasion.  


My process requires no advanced sitting for the piece.   I prefer to paint from your photographic wedding images.  I will review your photos looking for just the right expression or scene.  From there I pull my inspiration and create the composition.  A rough sketch will be provided for your approval prior to painting.  


Vintage bridal and wedding artwork painted for commemorative occasion gifts are happily considered! 

For more information click the link below.  


Kathy Lynn 


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