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Live Event Painting

Having a Live Event Artist is one of the newest and most exciting ways to make your wedding or special celebration unique!  Imagine having a live artist capturing the emotions of your event right then and there!

My Process:

My Process:

Before your event,

First, you contact me for availability and to discuss what you have in mind and I am sure I can offer a few suggestions as well.   No pressure, I PROMISE ... at this point we are simply sound-boarding ideas!

If you choose to book my services you will be asked to pay a non-refundable deposit to book your date.


At some point before your event (usually one month to two weeks before) I will want to meet you and see your venue so we can discuss where I will set up and some more details of what you would like to see on the canvas.  I understand there are events where this will not possible but I am flexible and we will make make it work.  

There will be another portion of non-refundable deposit due at this time.

On Your Event Day,

I will arrive a few hours before the event to set up and I will begin painting the background, etc..  Once your event begins I will be ready to paint in the elements that will make the painting uniquely yours!  I will stay out of the way but guests are welcome and encouraged to "drop by" throughout the process.  Once the piece is mostly finished, I will discreetly pack up and finishing touches will be done in my studio.  You can expect a call from me in two to three weeks to arrange pick-up, delivery or shipping of your piece.  

Please note: final payment is due on the event day.

Kathy Lynn 


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